High Lulani



ambitransitive stem verb
to say; to speak; to tell
Derived Terms

’isinna (iS;n) to tell a story

’icipu (iCo) to ask

’i’issi (ii;S) to sing

’ibibu (iBO) to complain

’idajabi (idjB) to read aloud

’ifuhhanaku (iv;hn>) to agree

’ihucu (iVy) to inform

’iqaca (iqc) to give one’s point of view

’ikahu (ikV) to grunt

’ilagi (ilG) to scream


dynamic to say

stative to tell

iterative to give a speech

gnomic to be able to speak; to have as a proverb

Thematic Relations

agent subject

experiencer dative, object

topic pa

speech object

language, medium ablative


ʔusu jusi ’i li lu’i fu ra’u.

(.uz / YS / i / L / Wi / v / ru .)

1int 3dat say com love 2tra prs;sta.

“I told her that I love you.”

ʔusu palu’i ’i.

(.uz / pWi / i.)

1int towards-love speak.

“I talked about love.”