High Lulani



intransitive stem verb
to accelerate; to move around; to vibrate; to go; to come

dynamic to accelerate

stative to move

iterative to be accelerating

gnomic to be mobile

Thematic Relations

theme subject

source ablative

goal dative

direction pa


ʔusu kassi ba’u janni.

(.uz / k;S / bu / j;N.)

1int 3ani;abl 2dat move.

“I went from him to you.”

ʔusu pafilli janni.

(.uz / pF;L / j;N.)

1int towards-2int move.

“I came towards you.”

Derived Terms

janni’u’ili (j;NuiL) to slide

jannibitta (j;NbB;t) to time-travel

jannigata (j;Ngt) to swing

jannitiqaxi (j;NTqX) to tilt

jannidifi (j;NDF) to nod

jannija (j;Nj) to move across

jannimufa (j;NUf) to dance

janninika (j;NNk) to travel