High Lulani



transitive stem verb
to share
Thematic Relations

agent subject

patient ablative, bi

recipient object, haru, raqu


Suma bipa saki filli.

(.zm / Bp / sK / F;L.)

1tra from-3ina;int share 2int.

“I shared it with you.”

Derived Terms

sakimica (sKMc) to give permission

stem mathematics
divided by

Saqihha saki kifi ’anu guhi.

(.sQ;h / sK / KF / aI / <H.)

one-zero divide three equal five.

“Fifteen divided by three is five.”

See Also

’anu (aI) equal

ju’i (Yi) plus

tali (tL) minus

batu (be) multiply

denotes a fraction that is the reciprocal of an integer

saki ra half

saki kifi third