High Lulani



ambitransitive stem verb
to look; to see; to watch
Thematic Relations

experiencer subject

stimulus dative

theme object

direction pa


ʔusu ba’u ’usa.

(.uz / bu / us.)

1int 2dat see.

“I saw you.”

ʔusu ’usa fu.

(.uz / us / v.)

1int see 2tra.

“I watched you.”

ʔusu pafilli ’usa.

(.uz / pF;L / us.)

1int towards-2int see.

“I looked in your direction.”

Aspectual Meanings

dynamic to look at

stative to be able to see

iterative to see often

gnomic to be able to see

Derived Terms

’usaju’i (usYi) to find

’usapacca (usp;c) to count

’usadajabi (usdjB) to read

pa’usa (pus) to notice

’usatinna (usT;n) visibly

inanimate stem noun element
See Also

fi (F) gold

silla (S;l) thallium

kaca (kc) cadmium

hatanu (htI) copernicium