High Lulani



stem transitive verb
to put out; to radiate; to broadcast
Thematic Relations

stimulus subject

experiencer dative

theme object, ka

Usage Notes

inanimate themes are objects, animate themes use ka


Filli pixi xusina.

.F;L / PX / ZSn.

2int 1dat seem-beauty.

“You seem pretty to me.”

Filli ka-’aggami.

.F;L / ka;gM.

2int as-policeman.

“You look like a policeman.”


used for physical themes. Cf: xi (X) seem

Derived Terms

xulagi (ZlG) to scream

xusina (ZSn) to be pretty

inanimate stem noun element
Derived Terms

xusahaki lasakifi (ZshK / lsKF) octane

See Also

kuxxu (>;Z) boron

sutta (z;t) nitrogen

’ama (am) silicon