High Lulani



stem adposition
towards; at a time; about

Para jannililu.

.pr / j;NLW.

towards-two move-stairs

“Take the stairs two at a time.”

stem personal pronoun
third person inanimate intransitive; 3ina;int; it
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1st person 2nd person 3rd person
3rd person
3rd person
intranstitive (abs / nom) ’usu filli (su’a) mihu pa
transitive (erg / acc) suma fu (su’a) quhu ’iffa
ablative puttu sacu raja kassi kalu
dative pixi ba’u datu jusi ku
genitive pagu ba su’a disi qa

intransitive stem verb
to think
Thematic Relations

agent subject

topic pa

speech dative


ʔusu kuli lu’i filli qixa pa.

(.uz / >L / Wi / F;L / Qx / p.)

1int dat-com love 2int pst;dyn think.

“I think I fell in love with you.”

ʔusu palu’i pa.

(.uz / pWi / p.)

1int towards-love think.

“I think about love.”

Aspectual Meanings

dynamic to have a thought

stative to be thinking

Derived Terms

patirusi (pTwS) to remember

padissu (pD;z) to learn

pajagaru (pjgw) to assess a situation

pakicu (pKy) to know

pamana (pmn) to realise

pamasi (pmS) to decide

pamilami (pMlM) to be conscious

palinu (pLI) to realise

paxici (pXC) to consider

pahini (pHN) to find one’s way

pagi (pG) to understand

pa’usa (pus) to notice